Towns and Landmarks

This is a list of the major cities run by different houses in the land. There are many smaller cities that fall within these cities influence.

Adindale – The lands around Adindale are controlled by house O’Reilly.

Brookdale – The lands around Brookdale are controlled by house Keen.

Caltay – The lands around Caltay are controlled by house Daniels.

Claysville – Located on the island of Desvin. The lands around Claysville are controlled by house White.

Durinton – The lands around Durinton are controlled by house Keating.

Elenwood – The lands around Elenwood are controlled by house Huntington.

Etne – Located on the island of Trinope. The lands around Etne are controlled by house Templeton.

Frankindale – The lands around Frankindale are controlled by house Arlinson.

Hamfel – The lands around Hamfel are controlled directly by the king. As well as any other land that has not been given to another noble.

Heathbrook – Located on the island of Trinope. The lands around Heathbrook are controlled by house Nathaniel.

Johnstown – The lands around Johnstown are controlled by house Young.

Kent – Located on the island of Trinope. The lands around Kent are controlled by house Verlin.

Langred – Located on the island of Astgos. This is the only large walled city where the land does not belong to a noble. It is also the closest anyone could find to a lawless pirating life in the kingdom. Crime is rampant throughout this large port city. There are a few reason’s it has been able to withstand becoming a true part of the kingdom. The reason the walled city was abandoned in the first place is long forgotten. Although after the kingdom was founded, many enemy prisoners were placed on the secluded island with no way to get off, and the knowledge that if they tried they would die, either to the waters, or to the people of the kingdom when they make it back and are discovered. These former war prisoners, and the few of the broken armies that stood against the formation of the kingdom that were found or survived after the battles, made up the port cities first residents after being abandoned. Since then, it has been a fairly lawless location, and is tolerated by the kingdom to some extent because it is the only island that produces the grapes used in the kingdoms most sought after wine. Any attempt to bring the city into the kingdom by force would lead to much bloodshed and the loss of a staple in most noble’s lives. On the other hand, the people of the city know that if they become too much of a nuisance, or gouge the prices of the wine too much. The kingdom will forgo it’s beloved drink.

Lucinton – Located on the island of Desvin. The lands around Lucinton are controlled by house Charles.

Mealtswood – The lands around Mealtswood are controlled by house Smithson.

Riverton – The lands around Riverton are controlled by house Julius.

Roseville – Located on the island of Desvin. The lands around Roseville are controlled by house Jameson.

Scotsdale – The lands around Scotsdale are controlled by house Latheri.

Solin – The lands around Solin are controlled by house Johanson.

Tolereh – Located on the island of Desvin. The lands around Tolereh are controlled by house Reilly.

Ulton – The lands around Ulton are controlled by house Lincoln.

Velice – The lands around Velice are controlled by house Thompson.

Vesum – The lands around Vesum are controlled by house Braun.

Westdale – The lands around Westdale are controlled by house Lumbard.

This is a list of landmarks found throughout the land.
*If there are strange or mystical places you would like to add, send me a message about them.

Great Stone Calendar of Hamfel – A giant stone calendar in the main plaza in the town of Hamfel. It is used to mark the passage of days and is the official record of date. All other calendars are based off the date of this one.

Forest of Faces – A very strange place that not many people dare to enter. From the outside, it seems as if every single tree in the forest has an angry face carved into it. No one has heard of anyone making it through the forest to see if the trees further in follow suit. There are tales of trees turning to face people inside the woods.

Stone Graveyard – No one knows who made this strange landmark or why. It is in the middle of the Hoalwood Forest, west of Hamfel. There is a clearing in the middle of the thickest part of the forest, with hundreds of stone pillars standing side by side. They are all six feet high. No one has been able to find out what secrets this mysterious place holds.

Death Zone – No one knows why this land is like it is, but anything that enters the land seems to age rapidly. All that can be seen from the outside is swirling sands and rock.

Temple of the Maiden – This is a temple, which is built on the side of a mountain with a waterfall going through the back of the house and out the front. It is in the middle of the forest with nothing else around. The water that comes from the waterfall through the temple is said to have restorative properties. Oddly, only water that is gathered from inside of the temple itself has any power. This water is guarded by The Laughing Sisters. The sisters appear as two masked woman in white tattered robes and barefoot, with long and sharp nails on their fingers. Though you can hear their cackling laughter long before you see them. They seem to delight in the opportunity that greets them each time a weary traveler wanders near the temple.

The Black Heart – Buried deep in the mountains of Hamfel rests an enormous deposit of deep black rock, thirty feet in diameter at the base. The striations in the rock match no known mineral, and the mass has proven impervious to both conventional cutting and demolitions. A low pulsing heat emanates from the obsidian surface.

Additional places of interest.

The Savage Lands – This is a large continent that was discovered in 305YF. It is three days to the west of Welanica by boat. There are a savage people found there that apparently live in huts, and the few expeditions to the land have been brutally attacked.

Ghostly Aremien – This is said to be a ghost town that will appear randomly. There have been tales of people walking down known paths, and finding themselves coming upon a city that has never been there before. If they enter the town, they are flooded with sights and sounds of celebration. This is said to last well into the night, until the person passes out from drink. Once this happens, the ghostly townsfolk turn violent, and precede to rip the visitors limb from limb, laughing as they wake screaming from the pain.

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