The calender system used in Welancia is based on the founding of the kingdom. With year 0 being the year the kingdom was founded. The years are in the YF format. The people use a 12 month calender system, with years being 354 days long normally. Every two years, an extra month is inserted after the fourth month, as a month of celebration. Deciding on when this extra month is added is one of the many jobs of the king, as the mortal and spiritual leader of his people.

Year Month/Day Event
0YF Donion/03 Founding of the kingdom of Welanica by King Alucian Reilly
137-140YF War of Pride, between the Johanson and Reilly house
189-190YF War of the Pretender, a three way war between two different parts of the Johanson house and the Julius house
223YF War of the People, a war between the Julius and Johanson house
305YF Savage Lands are found, only eight survivors of the expedition sent out make it back, many of the others were killed by the indigenous people, and some on the trip back from injuries
309-314YF Plague sweeps through the kingdom of Welanica
324YF Donion/03 King Edward Huntington is crowned
326YF Sulion/13 Current Date. King’s son has just been born

The List of Kings – List of all of the previous kings, including the current king

*The months were named by King Alucian, after the twelve strongest gods at the time, with the thirteenth month being named after the god of the underworld.

Month #of days
Helion 29 days
Aenion 30 days
Mearion 29 days
Sulion 30 days
Jerion 29 days
Crucion 30 days
Treusion 29 days
Donion 30 days
Exion 29 days
Gregion 30 days
Iosion 29 days
Xaxion 30 days
*Kyanion 24 days

*Kyanion is the extra month added every two years. It is named after the god of death, and celebrations are held in his honor to appease him, so that he is happy during the week’s reserved for him during the next two years.
**The number three is lucky in Welanica, because of this the months with 30 days are considered good months, and the ones with 29 bad months.

There are eight days in the week in Welanica. The eighth day being market day, the day that everyone uses to travel to the nearest market to buy supplies for the next seven days.

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