Mason Retinue

Genevieve – Handmaiden
Genevieve is a third generation Mason servant. Her family before her and their family before them lived comfortable lives in Calder’s Rill in service to the Mason family. She was born to her duties, and does them well. And while she did not anticipate running halfway across the continent to fight pirates with her lady, Genevieve has kept a cool head through it all. Mending bloody rents in terrific fabric is but one of her many useful domestic talents.

Brandon Carver – Page
Brandon Carver is the third son of the wealthy Carver family of merchants. The Carver family is neither as wealthy nor as well known as the famous sculptors employed by House Young, but they are local to Calder’s Rill and convenient to use for simple jobs. His father insisted he take the job upon hearing of the opening, hoping to ingratiate himself further with their benefactors. Brandon, for his own part, is both excited for the opportunity and filled with a young boy’s lust for adventure and travel.

Maldon – Huntmaster
Maldon is far from his usual hunting grounds, asked to perform the impossible and organize hunts on unfamiliar land at a capricious young lady’s whims. The stress of this would be enough, if not for the serious and deadly secret his master, Huntmaster Klaikos, imparted to him. To put on an impossible hunt is one thing. To safely keep his lady’s secret while he assists her with her clandestine archery competitions? It is all nearly too much for such a morose and simple fellow.

Pavel – Carriage Driver
Pavel is cheerfully adroit at his daily labors, often obliviously so. Though the man has a keen eye for all traffic upon the street and anything that may infringe upon his lady’s safety, he learned his trade as a merchant drover, and understands little of the nobility or their ways. Always be polite and say “My Lady” and “My Lord” a little too often for comfort is his rule, and he usually can’t go wrong.

Mason Retinue

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