House Rules

Character and House creation.
Now that the game has started, new houses can only be introduced during a time skip, or if there is a strong reason and the King agrees to create a new noble house. If a character dies and they want to make a new house, they can discuss with fellow players if they would mind if we skipped ahead in the history of the world. If it is agreed upon, then a new minor noble house may be created. New characters can be made in your current house by either playing a current house member, or finding a way to have another that was born in time to be play-able in the current year(the latter is as a last resort). You may also request to play a member from another current house if you feel that you have a strong story idea for a person that has not formally been introduced yet. You may still also create a non-nobility character.
You will also need to come up with a list of at least five things. Two of which must be secret’s that you do not want anyone to find out because they would harm your reputation or lead you to harm, and at least two accomplishments you would like people to know you for, as well as one secret that would dishonor your family. These can be as little or as big as you want, but at least one of the bad things has to be able to damage your reputation if it came out. You can come up with more then five if you would like as well. The list of good and bad will contribute to your starting character experience.

General Rules
To acquire a new contact/ally, you need to spend 1 experience and write an entry about them for Important People and send it to me. If more then one person wants a certain contact, it will go by whose family holds more sway over the contacts family(This is just for description, if multiple people want to have the same contact/ally it’s fine). The person will then be your contact/ally, and be able to grow stronger or weaker, or maybe even become an enemy. All depending on certain things happening in game. This is after character creation. Gaining them at character creation is as normal. The lower cost means that you should not be surprised if along the way, you end up losing a few of the people that you have added. Either through death, neglect, or actions turning them against you.

Gaining dots in some things will be easy, there will be a lot of time to train when you are traveling between places. Gaining higher dots will be more difficult, as you will need to find someone to train you, and spend more time away unless you bring the trainer with you.

Characters will not use the morality system. You will make up a list of moral codes that your character abides by. You will gain willpower by being confronted by things that are hard to decide but staying true to your code. For example, if you have a moral code to help those in need that you see. If you are gravely wounded and see someone else that needs your help, and decide to go, without thought to your well being, that would gain you a willpower back.

Usual game experience will be 1 per session. If your character individually does something that makes them stand out in the session, or changes the plot considerably with a set of actions. They will gain 2 xp that session. You will also be able to gain up to 4 personal experience by contributing to the wiki in some way. Some of the experience given this way may be skill specific. Where the experience point can only be used towards a certain skill or ability. This also includes sending messages about what your character is having servants or others do secretly. Anything that you would like kept secret, will be done in messages on obsidian portal, or in a individual session. Any additions to the wiki within a week over 3, will be added as group experience. Group experience can be used to buy things that benefit the group. Such as a base of operations, or group contacts.
One person per session is also able to get an experience point by putting up the summary from the session. The experience will go to the first entry up. Although if people would like, they can give additional summaries for experience, covering what some or all of the other members of their house did over the period of time the session took place.

Adding to the wiki
You can do this in many ways. Any of the sections can be added to. If you have an idea for something that you would like to add to the world, write it up and add it to the Setting Discussion section of the forum. This can be anything from a new plant or animal, all the way up to a hidden city underground that is out there. Any of the sections can be added to, including all of The Tavern pages. You can also gain experience by sending correspondence to other houses in the House Interactions section. The letters can be anything from a casual back and forth with a member of a friendly house, or trying to set up a formal alliance between houses. Any messages from your house to others that you would like to keep secret, can be sent to me in a private message.
The only section that does not give experience is the General Chat section of the forum. This is just for any questions about the game, or any other talking that is not in character.

Botch Rules
If you fail a roll, and have rolled any 1’s. Or if you have more 1’s rolled than successes. That roll is a botch. Also, during combat. If you have not gone in initiative order and are close enough to an ally. You can choose to shield that ally from some or all of the damage directed at them. If it would make logical sense for you to be able to.

Addition Rules from Mirrors
The Nature and Demeanor rules on p.25
The Second Wind rules on p.99

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