House Mason Jobs

The Masons of Caldwell seek two young men of stout build and moral uprightness to apprentice to our eminently qualified Master Stonemasons
Update: The apprenticeships have been filled at this time.

Elizabeth Mason requests the service of an able-bodied defender capable of performing the duties of a Mason man-at-arms and Personal Bodyguard. Military experience or references from a previous employer are a must.
PS: Post this notice before the Mason Capitol estate’s working men. I’d prefer this be filled by a willing volunteer already loyal to the house. A separate posting for his replacement can be filed should he take on the job.
Update: A loyal man of House Mason, Haldas, has accepted the responsibilities of this post and has begun his training at our capitol estate. It is intended that he fill the gap in the rosters left by Donel and Phillipe’s extended absences.

House Mason requires the service of a young page to provide service to Lady Elizabeth Mason during her travels, including but not limited to the delivery of messages and execution of light tasks.
Update: Brandon Carver of the Carver family of merchants has accepted the position. This offering is closed.

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House Mason Jobs

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