Helion – God of house Johanson. He is the god of Justice.

Aeniat – God of house Huntington. He is the god of Wisdom.

Mearius – God of house Julius. He is the god of Chivalry.

Sulate – God of house Reilly. He is the god of Vengeance.

Jerius – God of house O’Reilly. He is the god of Forgiveness.

Crucianus – God of house Arlinson. He is the god of Travelers.

Treuslate – God of house Charles. She is the god of Physical Activity(sports and other strenuous activities).

Donius – God of house Daniels. He is the god of Storms.

Exus – God of house White. She is the god of the twin Moons. She is the god with the second most rumors of sightings. They are always rumors of a person that is lost on a night that happens to be the same as when the twin moons of the planet align. They come upon a large lake, and see the most beautiful woman dancing on the waters surface. She looks just like the statues of Exus depict, and it looks like the light from the twin moons is falling in a curtain around her dancing form. The tale always seems to stop there, as if all the people rumors talk about can’t remember what happened after they first saw her.

Gregarus – God of Thompson. He is the god of Music.

Iosia – God of house Verlin. She is the god of Love and passion.

Xaxus – God of house Jameson. He is the god of Feasts and Drinking. He has the most rumors of sightings. There are usually alleged sightings of Xaxus at the largest feasts. Although they are always accounts from a friend of a friend. Or there is a person who is drinking too much. Then after they are lost in drink they think the person who walked by and waved to them must have been Xaxus. It looked just like the statues, but who would believe that?

Junia – God of house Young. She is the god of War. Some say that she secretly orchestrates all wars, and that she grows stronger the more war there is in the kingdom.

Yulat – God of house Princeton. She is the god of Disease.

Trekorius – God of house Keating. He is the god of the Barred Path. There are those that say, that the Forest of Faces belongs to Trekorius. Rumors about how if you can make it to the center of the forest, that is where the god resides. Though if any have lived to reach that deep into the forest, they have never been found.

Frealia – God of house Keen. She is the god of Mending.

Quelia – God of house Lincoln. She is the god of Barriers.

Usalarian – God of house Lumbard. He is the god of Rivers.

Matahli – God of house Smithson. She is the god of Time.

Veliance – God of house Nathaniel. He is the god of the Sun.

Klienhar – God of house Heatherton. He is the god of Summer.

Bregan – God of house Matheson. He is the god of Winter.

Holliana – God of house Olbrung. He is the god of the Earth.

Salazar – God of house Templeton. He is the god of Trade. Particularly trade by sea.

Lanios – God of house Caldwell. He is the god of Courage. Some say they have felt the presence of Lanios upon the battlefield, or moments of great strife. They hear the growling of a great cat, and feel their flee vanish in the moment. It is said that such individuals bear the power of Lanios like a mantle draped across their shoulders, though whether such a mantle is a visible display of power or a metaphor for their courage is unclear in all records.

Melacaf – God of house Braun and patron deity of Oaths.

Kyano – He is the god of Death. He represents no house, as all houses can succumb to him the same. Kyano is the god that is least known. Statues of him are just of a vague shape of a person covered by a cowl and cloak.

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