Nobility Chart – Guide to show when most of the major houses became nobility

King’s Council – The heads of all of the greater noble and noble families

The format for the families below are by family branches. First is the head of the household with any of their descendants. Then the brothers and sisters of the head of household.

Huntington – One of the four oldest families, with lands in in Elenwood. Current King is a member of this household. The lands belonging to Huntington are known for a type of bird that lives in the forests near Elenwood that is a delicacy in the kingdom. They also have possession of some of the richest silver mines in the kingdom.

Templeton – One of the founding families, with lands in Etne. This family is renowned for their ships and trading.

Johanson – One of the four oldest families. The former King was from this family. Known as King James the Good. He had named Edward as his successor. King Edward had married the former King James’ daughter, Elanor. The former King James died two years ago in 324YF. Johanson is one of the richest families in the kingdom. The majority of the known gold mines are located in lands controlled by house Johanson.

Julius – One of the four oldest families. With lands in Riverton. They are currently allied and close friends with the Huntington’s. Julius has one of the largest land based trading operations in the kingdom. Their couriers are seen delivering anything from a message, to the belongings of a noble anywhere in the kingdom. Their capitol of Riverton is also one of the largest port cities in the kingdom. This is allowed because of the enormous width of the river Etethol that starts near Caltay and branches to connect both Riverton and Caltay to the ocean.

O’Reilly – A branch off of the Reilly house, but nobility in their own right as well. They control the lands of Adindale. The split was created by Joshua O’Reilly when a majority of the Reilly house went to war against the Johanson’s during the war of Pride. The waters that are fished in the O’Reilly land bring in the most diverse, and delicious catches anywhere in the kingdom. Many a high class party has seafood caught in O’Reilly lands.

Reilly – One of the four oldest families. They believe that the crown should be theirs, and were very opposed to the union between the Johanson and Huntington families. They have lands in Tolereh. While Reilly is not known for anything in particular. They do have some of the finest soldiers in the kingdom. This combined with a few silver and copper mines on their land has kept them in a strong position in the kingdom. Many of the other houses on the island are allied with house Reilly, and would come to their aid if someone was foolish enough to try and attack them directly.

Arlinson – Noble family with strong ties to house Johanson. The lands controlled by house Arlinson, bring some of the most intricate and detailed woodwork to the kingdom. Many nobles would not sleep in a bed not made by the artists found in the city of Frankindale.

Braun – A noble family with ties to the priesthood.

Charles – A noble family with lands in Lucinton. The main export from house Charles’ land’s is silk. This combined with their lumber export has given house Charles a somewhat comfortable situation.

Daniels – A noble family with lands in Caltay. The capitol city of Caltay is known as some what of a religious hub in the kingdoms. With temples to each god within the city. The river Etethol is seen as a gift from the gods. The huge river coming from the ground so that the city would not die of thirst.

Jameson – Long allied with house Reilly. House Jameson has lands in Roseville. The shipyards controlled by house Jameson produce some of the highest quality ships in the kingdom. Even the oldest shipping family, Templeton, has contracts for ships built here.

Keating – A noble family with lands in Durinton. The lands around Durinton produce some of the finest wheat in the kingdom.

Keen – Noble family with lands in Brookdale. Brookdale provides much of the kingdoms rice. The rice fields around Brookdale stretch for at least a mile past the cities walls. This makes the city seem to be on the top of a gently sloping mountain, since the terraced farming used in the rice production has left much of the land around Brookdale carved into a shape that would allow that.

Lincoln – A noble family with lands in Ulton. House Lincoln controls vast tobacco fields, and is renowned for producing the finest leaf.

Caldwell – A noble family with lands in Calder’s Rill. Parent house of House Mason. The first lord Caldwell was a brave officer during the War of Pride, who drew the attention of the Kind and the god of valor Lanios with his heroics upon the battlefield.

Mason – A noble family that is a branch of house Caldwell. The Masons of Caldwell distinguished themselves from their parent family by earning a reputation for impeccable stonework and shrewd business sense. Though the Masons are Caldwells first, the Lord of branch House Mason has the utmost autonomy over his own affairs.

Lumbard – A noble family with lands in Westdale. While house Lumbard used to control some of the trading in the southern waters of the kingdom. Through a recent negotiation with house White, they were given ships that will allow them to transfer their attentions to the western side of the kingdom. Thus ending many of their conflicts with house White. House Lumbard has recently been approaching nobles with lands near the western coast, to negotiate buying small plots of land near the coasts of each major city in the area to set up small trading hubs. These hubs would deliver goods on a regular basis to those who pay enough for regular orders.

Nathaniel – Noble family with lands in Heathbrook. A large supplier of corn to the kingdom. House Nathaniel is the largest supplier of corn in the kingdom.

Smithson – Noble family with lands in Mealtswood. Lord Henry Smithson is currently in charge of the king’s armies. The lands controlled by house Smithson are known for producing some of the finest wood in the kingdom. It is a type of tree that grows no where else. The wood from the tree is both lighter and stronger when worked, then found anywhere else. This lumber is highly in demand, and is practically fought over in the ship building trade.

Thompson – A noble family with lands in Velice.

Verlin – A noble family with lands in Kent. Known for having the most beautiful women in the kingdom.

White – A noble family with lands in Claysville. House White has a very large trading empire that covers most of the southern side of the kingdom. Although they were close to an open war with house Lumbard, the conflict was narrowly avoided through mediation.

Young – Noble family with lands in Johnstown.

Latheri – A noble family with lands in Scotsdale.

Princeton – minor noble family.

Heatherton – minor noble family.

Matheson – minor noble family.

Olbrung – minor noble family.

Aranson -

Bates – rich merchant family with ties to the nobility.

Cook -

Ibara -

Francon -

Ghaulin -

Lightdown – An old and influential family with strong ties to house Verlin.

Round – Rich merchant family. Ties to the nobility.

Todd -

Quincy -

Wood -

Xavier -

Silversmith – An old and influential family. One of the few non-noble families that have had a last name since before the kingdom was founded. They have grown resentful of the fact that they have not been raised to nobility yet.

Storm – An influential family with strong ties to house Templeton.

Carver – A well off merchant family that bases it’s operation’s out of Calder’s Rill. They are known for the stone sculpting that they do.

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