Braun Family Information

The founder of House Braun was Julian Braun. His family before him was integral in spreading and mingling the Talianic traditions with local folklore and mysticism among the people of the Vesic hinterlands, which resulted in what some say was a miraculous reception of rule by the king and lords of the realm. This placed the family on fine footing with the peasant populations, but it was Julian Braun himself that was responsible for putting to work this relationship. During the years leading up to the War of Pride, the family began utilizing the vast quantities of resources in wood of the Vesic hinterlands to build temples in various neighboring cities to the respective Talianic gods that were observed there.

When the War of Pride erupted, Julian Braun’s family and the Vesic hinterlands were originally part of the lands that were owned by opposition to the crowned family. However, utilizing his network of peoples Julian organized information regarding Vesum as well as the surrounding territories, which he provided to the family of the throne while simultaneously sewing amounts of discontent among the people of Vesum and the hinterlands that slowed production, making a potentially long series of battles completable within a fortnight. Following the battles in the Vesic hinterlands, family Braun then commissioned a grand cathedral to be built in honor of the victory of the crown. It was following the completion of this grand cathedral that the king raised family Braun to noble status, granting them the Vesum and the Vesic hinterlands. And so the Braun noble family was recognized.

Upon forming the house, Julian codified principles that the noble house would be based upon. Each of these principles the family had already been well known for but had never formally recorded. They are as follows:


The second son of any family that carries the House Braun name is to be brought up with the intent of joining the priesthood. The fact that Julian Braun was a second son is ignored as he is seen as driven by the gods themselves. Furthermore, all families that carry the House Braun name are to tithe twenty percent of their wealth to the Talianic priesthood in some fashion.


The ‘gifted’ members of the family are to be given the utmost respect (if not freedom). All Talianic and house holidays are to be observed without excuse. Also, local festivals (wherever a house member may be), the festivals of Vesum, its the hinterlands are to be observed.


All members of the house are to be learned individuals. House tutors are paid well to ensure that the members of the house are capable of current skills and all effort is made to keep up on new technologies and thought.


Members of the family are remembered and treated well. This includes blood that existed prior to the establishment of the House, and their kin. These members, and bloodlines are well recorded within House Braun, and reach back almost all the way to the founding of the kingdom. House Braun is known as being quite inclined to treat the men that marry members of their family almost as an extension of such.


Revealing sources or leaking information through a channel that has not been approved is strictly forbidden on pain of death. The only exception to this rule is the ‘gifted’, under to the principle of Piety. This is also a secret principle that is known only to members of House Braun. Related to this, is that servants of House Braun are all kept quite well. The families of the House often claim this under Piety for the less fortunate.

In the years that followed, House Braun immediately reached back out to all of its family members in all of their regions. The families had already remained connected, forming networks wherever they went if it was possible. As a Noble House, the possibilities became greater. While these families could not claim themselves as House Braun even if they carried the family name, they were treated well. Sometimes Julian or his heirs established further cathedrals in towns and cities to earn the favor of their distant relatives. This was not without reason. These family members became the eyes and ears of House Braun. Among the populace they would gather information about their surroundings. Anything of importance from crop yields to the gossip of the other Houses was brought to members of the main house who recorded it. The contributors of this information were always remembered, particularly if such information proved useful. Countless times throughout their establishment, this network helped House Braun. Whether it was to quickly locate resources to claim or to quell the occasional disruption among the people of Vesum and its hinterlands, the House has always seemed full of alacrity and wisdom.

House Braun established its control over a strong supply of lumber resources within the Vesic hinterlands primarily, being that a majority of the land surrounding Vesum was woods for a long time.

The ‘gift’:

The ‘gift’, as it is called within House Braun, is actually a sort of madness that seizes members of the lineage at a point between when a child hits puberty to the point that they’ve reached full maturity. It is believed among the family that early signs include sleepwalking and vivid, remembered dreams. As such, mothers of House Braun often take it very seriously when their children experience night terrors or sleepwalking and will seek council if these show any form of persistence. Later signs include headaches and irritability. The actual symptoms are often shared with extreme bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia.

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Braun Family Information

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