War of Pride – This was the earliest war recorded in the kingdom. A great catalyst to this war was Catherin Arlinson. Who was married to two Reilly kings. King Simon, as well as his brother when Simon died. King Simon’s brother Justin was a fairly weak willed King. He had never thought before this that he would become king, and so was ill suited to the job. Catherin was able to manipulate him into marrying their only child, a daughter, to the son of house Johanson. This caused a very large rift in the kingdom. House Reilly has never truly recovered, or forgiven the loss of the kingdom to the other houses. This began in 137 when house Reilly secretly started gathering troops within their borders, as well as calling on known allies to do the same. Luckily there were elements within house Reilly that were loyal to the throne above their own house. With word leaked to the King of the impending attack, he was able to gather enough forces in time to hold off Reilly and their allies until more support could arrive. This lead to the rift in house Reilly. Causing the creation of house O’Reilly. House Reilly was not able to get the support that they expected from the common people, who were happy with house Johanson after so many years of good rule. Which lead to King George Johanson keeping the throne in his families hand’s for another 50 years to come.

War of the Pretender – In 187YF, Brandon Johanson started to approach house Reilly. The purpose for this was to try and overthrow his father, the king. Knowing that he would never be king, Brandon grew jealous of his older brother who was heir to the throne. Towards the end of 188YF, Brandon made his move for power. He called upon house Reilly among other supporters and started to march on Hamfel. His father, hearing of his son’s treachery, had already started gathering troops for Hamfel’s defense. Early in the year of 189, King Charles Johanson fell in battle against his son’s armies. Both his rightful heir and his second born son proclaimed themselves king. House Julius who had remained neutral until this point, saw just how weak house Johanson’s had become. They seized this opportunity to raise their own armies and pounce on the weakened house Johanson. After fighting well into the year 190YF, house Julius was able to come out the victor, taking the crown for themselves.

War of the People – House Johanson, not able to withstand the increasinly corrupt rule of house Julius. Set out with the will of much of the common people and a good number of other noble houses to tear down the tyrannical reign of King Alexander. After a year of brutal fighting, which had set much of the kingdom against itself. The unjust King was finally overthrown, leaving house Johanson to reign over the kingdom for a second time.

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