The Talionic Pantheon

The official religion of the land is Taliany. The belief in the Talionic pantheon, the gods that watch over each noble house. This belief states that there is a god that Protects and is entwined with each noble house. The gods strength in comparison to the other gods, and which god rules over the others is determined by a houses power in the kingdom. Priests of this religion are all blind. They lose their sight when they are inducted into the order. Though this does not seem to slow them down much. They seem to still be able to sense what is near them to a certain extent. Not much else is known about the priests and what goals they may have in the kingdom. They are a largely secretive group other then the help they provide at the celebrations for each god when each house puts theirs on. It is considered to be an ill omen to refuse their help during the celebrations, and will make it harder to please the god of the celebration.

There is a belief, that the priests of Taliany go blind when they enter the priesthood, because they see the pure glory of the gods themselves, and are forever blinded by their light.

One belief is that while the god’s are technically born when a person is raised to nobility, there are spirits all around. These spirits are unseen, although most everything has a spirit attached to it. A spirit will grow fond of a particular person and if that person is chivalrous, heroic, or otherwise makes a name for themselves, and then is raised to nobility by the king. The spirit will be able to become a god. Leaving it’s paltry existence as a mere spirit behind, and ascending to the pantheon.

Although the gods are associated with the creation of a house. Not all of the members of the house are necessarily followers of the houses associated god. Some may be followers of another houses god, and rarely, a small few may follow no god or the god of death. If all of a house’s members stray away from the god of the house, terribly things are said to happen. Although it is not always the case, most members of a noble house that follow another god will join that god’s priesthood.

All gods have rites and ceremonies associated with them. While god’s are associated with certain houses. That does not stop anyone to praying to a certain god about things associated with that god. This is because, while a god is associated with a certain house. They are not controlled by that house. This can bring small conflicts at times. Such as with house Young’s associated god, Junia. She is the god of war, so there is a great chance that even houses who oppose house Young on the field of battle will pray to Junia. It is believed that in cases such as this, The god in question will choose the person or people who are most worthy of receiving that god’s blessing.

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