Magic of Welanica
Certain herbs. When mixed together, allow the use of different types of magick. The power of the herbs stays in a persons system until the built up power is expended. Different people have different amounts of power that they can hold in their system at one time. The gods are the ones that determine what each person can hold, and what herbs they can use at birth. Some of the herbs are rarer then others, making some powers rarer by extension. There are only three people currently in the kingdom that have any knowledge of magickal herbalism. So far, these three people have chosen to keep the knowledge that they have to themselves. So very few people even believe in magick. The only one of these three that chooses to use his powers somewhat publically is Marlion the Bastard. He is an occasional sight at the kings court. While nobles are more likely to believe in some type of magick, even in the court of the king, a lot of nobles think that he just does simple tricks. He has been known to advise certain nobles from time to time though. Certain of these roots, if too much is ingested, could be fatally poisonous as well.

Known magickal herb combinations.(Known by Marlion, the ones he has chosen to use in public. The herbal combinations themselves are not known)
camdilion root and houreseen powder mixed together let’s the person who ingested it freeze things by touch.

oxfern leaf, muragoby stalk, and talgrin paste mixed and ingested, let’s the imbiber push or pull metallic objects.

ulgum root and ferntop mixed and imbibed, let’s the imbiber control gravity to a limited extent in very small areas. Such as for a single person, or very small circle of area.

greenbow powder and alwin bark mixed and imbibed, makes the imbiber’s skin hard like a tree.

Magic of the Savage Lands
The people of the Savage Lands reportedly have strange magical weapons in their possession. Similar to the swords wielded by the original houses, although even those who are knowledgeable of magic do not know how even these swords were forged.

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