Letter to Father, Regarding his Proxy

High Lord Terrence Mason,

When last we spoke you said not a word on the matter of receiving my previous letter. It seems likely some of our correspondence is being intercepted, likely inspected. I wished you to know, and to inquire after the health of Abernathy, whom we sent with the message and instructions that it was for your eyes only. I have heard no word of him since my return to the Capitol, his arrival is now days later than anticipated.

As your eldest child I have had excellent tutors in the matters of statecraft. There are of course my experiences dealing with the day to day expediencies of brokering business deals between houses, a chore which you are often content to allow me to absorb myself in and appraise you of our standings. There was the scholar Henwick, who saw to it that I had memorized the names of houses and every young bachelor whose eye I might have the privilege of catching at a fancy ball. And then there was you, father, my wisest teacher. It was you who taught me the differences between right and wrong, and how a ruler must govern fairly with one eye always upon how what they do will affect the people that rely upon them.

I want to do right by the people who are relying upon me, and with my advantageous position in the Capital, I can do just that. I would like to request to hold your proxy in Council sessions. I am a shrewd negotiator, and not so willful that I will defy your wishes in Council. Should you make your stance known to me before each vote, I can ably present your side while bringing a Mason family presence to these crucial issues.

Now that the shock of my first proposal is wearing off, a female child taking voting proxy and deciding matters of state alongside the High Lords and before the King himself, you can now calm yourself for my second proposal. I would like to hold your proxy in Council sessions eventually. Should your current proxy be a capable one whom you would hate to displace in favor of nepotism and political maneuvers, might I instead request placement as his aide?

A period as the aide to your most capable proxy will be an excellent fast track education on the matter of Capitol politics and practical statecraft. A proxy with experience assisting your previous proxy will be known to hold the confidence and esteem of the man she is replacing. And a lady who has sat upon High Council and decided policies for the nation would be an excellent catch for any landed son. As you have been the most vocal proponent of finding me a suitable suitor, I thought the last would entice you most of all.

If I am to be any Lord’s Lady, then I wish to be a Lady in truth. Not the gentle vision of a Lady As She Is Meant To Be, practicing embroidery and dancing while whelping out sons. I mean a True Lady, noble in spirit and bearing, and a capable partner in all of her husband’s endeavors. If I am to rule a House beside the man you choose for me, then I shall appreciate a true apprenticeship in the craft before I go on to the Mastercraft piece that shall be my new home.

Consider my offer, and please worry not about what the other Councilors will say when you send a girlchild into their conferences. You and I both know that appearances can be deceiving. Any underestimation of my abilities will be to our advantage.

With admiration in my heart, Your Daughter
Elizabeth Mason

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Letter to Father, Regarding his Proxy

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