Laughing Sisters – Creatures that guard the Temple of the Maiden. They are pale, thin, with silvery hair. They are always seen wearing a golden mask with a toothy smile, and a tattered white robe. They also have long sharp nails, that they use to tear at the flesh of those who trespass.

Keepers of the Sacred Flame – They appear to have the body of a large muscular man, covered in part by hair. As well as the head of a horse, and hooves for feet. They are very strong and fast, and carry large double bladed axes. No one has survived getting close enough to these creatures to learn much else about them.

Eluwi – Child sized Bipedal foxes that live in some of the forests. They are known for stealing things from villages close to their nomadic camps. They are strange creatures that are fascinated by shiny objects to the point of distraction. They have a strange language that they speak to each other in, and seem to conduct barter and trade within their own camps, and neighboring camps.

Walikie – There are only rumor’s of these strange beings. They are luminescent and have only been rumored to have been seen deep in the forests, where no people rarely go.

Feral Drakeling – Remnants of an age where dragonkind was more prevalent than today, Drakelings are small winged lizards bearing a close, to-scale resemblance to the apex predators people think of when they hear the word “Dragon”. Outweighing the common Swallow two to one, these slight creatures hunt small vermin and prefer to avoid much larger creatures, such as people. That is, unless they feel their nest is threatened. Thankfully Drakeling nests are usually built well above ground level, and the tales of unwary travelers being devoured by swarms of the beasts may be exaggerated.

Corlus – A large salt water creature only rumored to have been seen in the ocean’s around the kingdom. It is said to be over fifty feet long with two large fins on it’s back. Many an old seafarer claims to have seen this creature crush a ship with two large tentacles that reach up out of the water and wrap around the ship.

Parolen – A large creature with wings. It is said to have the body and head of a wolf, the wings of an eagle, and the tail of a fox. It has only been seen in the highest of mountains around the kingdom.

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