Business Papers

Father, as head of the family business I’m sure you’ll take an interest in these reports from the Capitol. – EL

Available stonework in Hamfel on the rise, an air of competition among the nobility to have the best and most prestigious stonework. My conclusions are as follows:
- Capitol Branch is expanding at a rate that can support two new apprentices. I have already authorized the acquisition of these assets.
- The Mason Family’s capitol estate grew out of our branch offices, and has the demeanor of a counting house. Quaint, but difficult to throw balls in. We can advertise our wealth, power, and stonework by building a gorgeous new capitol mansion.
- With the surplus profit from our expansions, we can afford to bring in a sculptor from Young. With the greatest stoneworkers of an age working together, we can build a marvel that will stand for generations. Prove that the art of the Masons is still alive, well, and open for business. And, perhaps, we can find reason to arrange a meeting between myself and the Young’s bachelor heir.

Word that the Masons are both expanding their business and building a new home in the capitol will draw eyes to our wealth and power. A gorgeous mansion for balls and parties and hunts where we can impress and delight the court will be key to our successful expansion in the region. The carvings, sculpture, frescoes, art, and inspired architecture will be proof positive that if other Houses want to compete, they need to come to the Masons.

I am so confident in the success of this endeavor that I am prepared to secure a loan and authorize ground breaking on the new home. All the paperwork has been completed, and awaits your signature or your authorization empowering me to act as your proxy in the capitol.

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Business Papers

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