Jousting Competition – Jousting is a common activity in the realm. With the onset of chivalry and organized warfare, jousting has been effected as well. Where once it would start with jousting with a lance. Once the distance was closed or one or both of the combatants were unhorsed, they would continue with shorter range weapons. Chain armor with a solid helm is what was commonly used in the early days. More recently though, full plate is more commonly used. With the onset of the ways of honor in the kingdom, jousting began to have more rules. Such as how each weapon is now in it’s own category. Jousting only including the lance, with the riders not using shorter range weapons when they come closer.

Hunting – Hunting is a common activity for many noble men in the kingdom. Men will gather together with hunting animal’s, and bring back food that is shared with the families and sometimes even the common people who work for them if there is enough.

Archery – Archer competitions have been gaining in popularity in recent years. With archers of great skill becoming well known throughout the land.

Collet – A sport similar to tennis. It is played with three people on each team, in an enclosed room. The ball is only allowed to bounce on the floor once. The floor space is broken into three equally spaced areas. One member from each team stands in each section. Teams take turns hitting the ball, making it bounce off walls or the ceiling and then hit the floor. The other team has to hit the ball before it hits the ground again. Team members will try to distract the other person in their area, but can not directly stand in the way of the ball.

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